MedalOfHonorHonor is honesty, fairness, and integrity.

Honor is having a high respect for someone because we see their worth.

Honor goes hand in hand with ‘glory’ when we talk about the glory of God (Mt 6.13, 16.27, 19.28, Heb 2.7). 


Honor is greatly lacking within our culture, nor is it taught to our young men enough.

                Perhaps you have seen the movie The Last Samurai, where Tom Cruise plays Captain Woodrow Algrin, a celebrated Civil War hero. Due to the atrocities of war he has both witnessed and participated in, Algrin is obliged to drink himself into an endless stupor in an attempt to forget war’s horrors. Interestingly, the Japanese government hires Algrin to teach modern warfare to His Majesty’s poorly equipped army, where he is captured in their first battle by the last band of remaining Samurai warriors.

                The word samurai literally means “ones who serve”, and they follow a strict code of ethics called bushido or “the way of the warrior.” The life of the samurai was one of physical hardship, absolute devotion to duty, and above else, honesty and bravery in all things.

                Algrin is enamored with the samurai lifestyle and it’s unique code of conduct. After a winter living with the samurai where he sobers up and faces his demons, Captain Algrin joins these last remaining noble men in their honorable cause. One scene in particular sums up his belief in the importance of the samurai code. The leader of these brave men, seeing that defeat was imminent, considers taking his own life rather than suffer the shame defeat would bring.

                “Shame?”, Algrin says, “Shame for a life of service, discipline, compassion?”

                “The way of the samurai is not necessary anymore.”

                To which the captain responds, “Necessary? What could be more necessary?”

                Although this is simply a movie, there is truth in that statement. Consider that the very life of Christ was filled to overflowing with service both to God and to men. He taught the importance of self-control and self-denial when it comes to our lusts, while encouraging us to be steadfast and constant toward God. Additionally, can you find any greater example of compassion than that of Christ? Our creator came to earth as a man and offered His life, taken in the cruelest way possible, in order to redeem each and every one of us; and to give us the hope and surety of eternal life with Him.

Necessary? What could be more necessary? 

                Jesus was the living definition of honor. I want my son to be an honorable man. I want him to stand strong against the evils of the world and be prepared to weather the storms of adversity. I wish for him to cherish, protect, and value women and children. To stand with God while the world ridicules and abandons Him.

How about you? What do you want people to see or to think when your son’s name is spoken?

What are you willing to sacrifice in order to teach him that?