HotWeatherSummer is here, and you know what that means…it’s going to be HOT! But if you listen to the radio, the temperature is not the only thing that is hot. There are hot deals on cars, on vacations, and a great summer sale on cell phones, but to be honest these are not the hot items I am thinking about today.

                You see, just the other day I heard a young Christian lady say…”I know, Isn’t he sooooo HOT”. Needless to say, this grabbed my attention. Turning around, I saw this young person standing with her friends looking at what I think was a picture of some popular teen celebrity on her cell phone. Yes, I know what you may be thinking. What is the big deal, they are just kids goofing off, and they don’t talk the way we used to. Perhaps, but what really disappointed me is when I saw one of the girl’s moms look at the phone, snicker, and say “Yeah, he’s pretty hot.”

                OK, to be fair, maybe I did not understand what being hot really means. So I asked. What was the answer? Being hot is good looking, cute, a babe. Years past the phrase may have been a ‘teen heartthrob’. One young lady said, “it doesn’t mean anything, it’s innocent.”

                To be honest, I was not totally convinced. The phrase “he’s hot or she’s hot” just seems more sexual than that. So I asked our good friend Google to see what other teenagers had to say. Here are some of the more prevalent answers.

  • Yup, hot to me is based on pure looks.
  • A guy that makes you want to drool when his shirt is off.
  • Curves, curves, curves.
  • One young man said, “it is a girl you would have sex with, but would not want to date.” (By the way, this comment had 341 likes, 3 dislikes).
  • One young lady said, “a hot guy is one you just have to get (into his pants) with. (She had many other girls liking her comment).

                So what does it mean? Is it simply a cute guy/girl, or is it a potential frivolous sex partner? If you search for “hot” on Google images (I do not suggest doing this without your ‘mature content’ filters set), the first several pages are pictures of people (mostly women) wearing little or no clothing.

                Young people, does it truly matter how you personally are using the word when so many others that hear it think immoral thoughts when it is said? You may use it in an innocent way, but when others hear you say ‘he is sooo hot’, do they think the same thing? Parents, if you heard a young person call your daughter or son hot, would that make you feel uncomfortable, or would it be OK if they were looked at as a sex object by others?

                I know that was a blunt question, but now is not the time to be quiet and make excuses for the words we use. No matter what your age, if you are a Christian, you represent Christ! I can’t imagine that He would have seen and young lady and said, “Whoooo man, she is sooo HOT!”  Do you?

Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one. –Col 4.6