Calais sent me these poems this morning and I thought I would share with all of you. She has been writing a lot lately and I am proud of her. The depths and insight an eleven year old girl can reach at times astound me. Sometimes she is light and carefree and at other times her concern for others and the world around her take on a seriousness that some adults have yet to attain. My baby-girl is growing up…<sigh>…

fuelyourphotography.comThe Sea of Time

Adrift upon the sea of time,

Lonely spirits wander from shore to shore,

Cherishing the warmth from the golden sun and the beauty of twinkling stars above.


God Is My Friend

God is great,

God is the comforter,

Beside me wherever I am.

He strengthens me when I am weak,

When I am down He picks me up,

He helps me see the evil in worldly things.

He is my Lord,

He is my Savior,

He is my friend and God over all.